2016 - False Arrest


"I was sleeping at home when a neighbor's house was burglarized. The burglar also went next door and broke into another neighbor's house. My ex-girlfriend was housekeeping for the other neighbor who was burglarized. She convinced him that I was the one who did it in order to get revenge on me. That neighbor then went over to other neighbors and convinced them to report me as the burglar to the police. They all lied and told the detective that they had never seen me before. US Marshals & PBSO Deputies raided my mother's house and arrested me. Mr. Fields successfully sued the neighbors for conspiring about identifying me and lying to the detectives. The settlement was confidential, but I am very very happy with the amount I received."





2016 - Automotive Injury


"My husband was severely injured by an automobile crash that occurred in the development that we lived in. The driver of the other car had no insurance. We were destitute at the time Mr. Fields took on the case. Mr. Fields successfully litigated the case for over 3 years and obtained a $3,730,684 verdict!"



2015 - Automotive Injury


"Mr. Fields helped me when my son was run over by a drunk stripper. My son was severely injured and was comatose for almost 5 months. Through Mr. Fields' tenacious investigation, we were able to obtain a $1,200,000 settlement. Without Mr. Fields finding the extra insurance my son would've never received the medical treatment and care that he needed."




Prior to 2000 - Fireworks Injury


"My son and I were attending a Fourth of July party in our neighborhood. The homeowner hosting the party began shooting off illegal fireworks. One of them exploded before launching and shrapnel hit my son. He had substantial disfigurement in his legs and needed quite a bit of treatment. The homeowner denied being the one that lit the fuse. Mr. Fields uncovered enough evidence that the insurance company settled for a lot of money."



Prior to 2000 - Automotive Injury


"Our daughter was severely hurt when a church-owned van ran her over. The church claimed it had no insurance or money. Mr. Fields took on the case and went to trial. He successfully obtained a verdict but the church continued to claim that it had no money. Mr. Fields discovered that the church was trying to sell its property to a developer and he stopped the sale unless we would be paid. When Mr. Fields was finished, we recovered all of our verdict plus interest and attorney's fees. Our daughter got the medical treatment she needed and is now in college!"



Prior to 2000 - Wrongful Death:


"Our son was killed when he was rear-ended by a speeding teenager. The car was loaned to the teenager's mother by a car dealership. The mother was considering purchasing the car at the time. Mr. Fields discovered that the dealership had forged and backdated ownership documents to make it look like the mother had actually purchased the car the morning of the crash. Mr. Fields successfully pursued the dealership for forgery and fraud and was able to obtain a $1,900,000 resolution for us."


Joseph R. Fields


Joseph R. Fields, Jr., Esq. is an AV-rated attorney practicing law and fighting for the rights of clients in matters involving personal injury & wrongful death, family law, and disability discrimination.